Dear and beautiful readers, I warmly invite you to share in the best selection of my thoughts and experiences here at my new blog, welcome.

My last and now depreciated blog, The evasive action was my first attempt at blogging. While I had no topical restriction on its content, it was dominated by my adventures with GNU/Linux and computing. The posts were educational as well as descriptive and the response from readers was overwhelmingly positive. Having entered a new phase of my life, I now have more to write about.

I have started my Ph.D at the Australian National University earlier this year. I am no longer in a mad scurry to become a researcher; I am now in a scurry to do research. In addition, my teaching and demonstrating responsibilities have increased; it is likely that future blog posts will reflect this. With that said, many things I enjoy doing in my spare time is me exploring other avenues of my skills - or developing new ones - that I use in my research. Referring to the image (source) below, expect the most interesting and, behind the scenes of the 90% on the left, and the 10% on the right.

Doing vs writing

Because the skills required to research physics is quite broad, I envision a potential navigational problem. To circumvent this fact, I have implemented tags to organize the posts. You will see them throughout this website and in the Atom/RSS+XML feed. Finally, I encourage public communication and engagement be it via twitter or the comments below. I hope you enjoy your stay.